The Denim Series

In the 1960s, women playfully adopted a garment originally meant for men's work, transforming it into a symbol of freedom, power, and strength as it embraced their curves. This vibrant spirit inspired The Denim Series, where we've infused our unique colors and styles. Wear your Denim with a sense of fun and confidence, just as we envisioned when bringing it to life for you.
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The Bluette Aaron Denim Palazzo Pant


The Bluette Sofia Denim Shirt


The Orange Georgia Denim Blazer


The Orange Georgia Denim Pant


The Teal Lover Denim Blazer


The Teal Lover Denim Pant


The Off White Gabrielle Denim Blazer


The Off White Margo Denim Skirt


The Off White Sofia Denim Shirt


The Teal Jackie Denim Trench