Three different minds thinking alike
Hebe Girls



The Hebe Studio woman is cosmopolitan, independent and knows what she wants. She is Self-Confident, but doesn’t take herself too seriously. A daring woman who isn’t afraid to take risks. Any woman wearing Hebe is ready to take over the world. She achieves power and success in her career as well as in her private life.

Gea Antonini, Federica Croce and Laura Zama are the three Italian founders of Hebe Studio. After all individually working in the fashion industry for a number of years, the designers decided to pursue their shared passion and vision of creating “Power Suits” for women, inspired by masculine silhouettes and based on traditional Made In Italy tailoring.

The idea was born from the belief that every woman needs a trouser suit in her wardrobe, a staple piece that is versatile and adaptable for every occasion.

A suit allows a woman to feel empowered, independent and feminine all at the same time. It can bring out a woman’s androgynous side, whilst also allowing her to be elegant and sensual, never neglecting the practicality required for her daily routine. It’s the all-round perennial classic for any season and any woman.